Natural Ways to Prevent Bone Cancer


Bone cancer is a disease resulting from the cells that form bone. This disease can be felt when you experience prolonged pain in the bones.

Symptoms of bone cancer that most often the case, is in the long bones of the body, such as arms and legs. The disease can affect anyone, but bone tumors are the most common in children, adolescents, and the elderly.

Keep in mind that not all tumors are cancerous bone, because there are some benign. Other symptoms of bone cancer, such as inflammation of the joints and fractures due to bone weakness.

Non-specific symptoms such as fever or weight loss.Here are some natural ways to prevent bone cancer.

Aloe vera – Aloeride are present in the compounds of aloe vera has anti-cancer properties. Consuming aloe vera every day will prevent the symptoms of bone cancer.

Green tea – Benefits of green tea anti-cancer very clear can prevent and cure bone cancer.Drinking two cups of green tea a day may reduce the risk of developing bone cancer.

Vitamin A – Vitamin A is important for fighting bone cancer. Including fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamin A.

Sunlight – UV rays the sun can help produce vitamin D prevents the development of cancer cells.

Consumption of herbal – Herbal remedies such as ginger, Bupleurum, astragalus, maitake, and turmeric psoralea can be consumed daily to prevent and cure bone cancer.

Lorenzo Know How To Beat Rossi in Sepang

SEPANG – MotoGP 2015 Seizing title goes increasingly fierce, since Valentino Rossi to within 11 points of the menguntinya Jorge Lorenzo in second position while the drivers’ standings. Moreover, two series races left to live again.

The next race will take place at the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia this weekend, and Lorenzo had pairs square off to beat teammate at Yamaha’s Movistar.

X-Fuera focus to setting the tire to outsmart the hot weather and humidity in Malaysia, and Lorenzo believes if it has the right setting, it can be attached and cut away with The Doctor.

“Phillip Island race very pleasant, and the result is not too bad considering our main rivals to finish in fourth place. Now we will face the race in Sepang, the track is complicated, because the temperatures are very hot and humid, “said Lorenzo.

“I think the key to the fight for victory here will depend on the performance of the tires, and I think we have a chance to win again. The main purpose for the cut points with Valentino, and I will try to carry out the next series in Valencia with a smaller distance again. I feel stronger and can not wait to race in Malaysia, “he said.

Lorenzo also did not forget to congratulate Yamaha, which menyabut best MotoGP constructors title in 2015 in Australia last weekend.

“I want to congratulate the whole family Yamaha, after winning a second title in Australia.I am very proud of the entire team, and mechanics who make everything possible, by working hard in Japan throughout the season, “added the Spanish rider.

Western Digital Bought SanDisk USD19 Billion


Acquisition of technology companies in the field of data storage with fantastic value re-occur. Western Digital (WD), the company is also engaged in thestorage, announced it had agreed to buy SanDisk Corp. with a value of 19 billion US dollars, or around Rp 250 trillion.

Fantastic value is determined based on the price per share belongs to SanDisk. WD appreciated 86.5 US dollars, or about Rp 1.1 million per share belongs to SanDisk. WD to make acquisitions with the aim of improving the ability to make flash memory chips in smartphones and tablets.

WD, one of the major players in the traditional storage media industry, is said to require NAND technology belongs to SanDisk. With this technology, WD said will be able to compete in the market of solid state drive (SSD) used in cloud computing, data center, smartphones, and laptops. Initially, many predict, WD would be difficult to acquire SanDisk.

Because, SanDisk has had a joint venture with a Japanese company, Toshiba. Both have resulted in several patents which are mostly used to make chips for storage media. If WD wants to buy SanDisk as a whole, of course, there are talks that also has to do with the Toshiba-related patents. Even so, WD claimed to have spoken with Toshiba to this problem. Toshiba party was already permit the acquisition process.

The reason, the process is considered to be a negative impact on the joint venture. The purchase SanDisk by WD adds to a long list of fantastic-value acquisition. Previously, Dell had purchased EMC Corp. with a value of 67 billion dollars Atua around Rp 905 trillion.

This Reason Police Closed The Investigating Of Bomb Bangkok


Bangkok: Thai police on Tuesday, October 19, 2015 stating that the preliminary investigation of the bomb attacks in the Erawan shrine was stopped and now proceed with the examination of the two suspects were arrested.

After meeting with officials of the investigator, Police Chief Thailand, Chakthip Chaijinda said it now convinced by the evidence that has been obtained and hoped the two suspects will be arraigned in court within two weeks.

As reported  Chaijinda also added that despite this, the police continued to hunt down the 15 suspects are still free to go to court. Police said the investigation is forwarded if there are any new suspects were arrested and also if there is the discovery of new evidence. A bomb attack at the temple Erawan located in downtown Bangkok on 17 August caused 20 people were killed and nearly 140 wounded.

Afterwards a bomb also exploded near a bridge in Bangkok a day after it did not cause injury. Analysts claim the attack was launched by fighters Uighurs angry after Bangkok sent home 109 ethnic returned to China. Police then arrested Bilal Mohammed with some equipment to make bombs in an apartment in Bangkok last August. Bilal claimed Uighurs and bomb attacks in the temple.

The second suspect is known as Yusufu Mieraili and comes from Xinjiang, China detained near the Cambodian border a week later.

The group was believed to Thailand as a transit to their leaving for Turkey. Ethnic Uighur religious Islam fled China because they could not be victims of discrimination and pressure the Beijing government.